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tv   wusa 9 News at 630pm  CBS  October 19, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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police are back near an abandoned property where the searches on saturday found remains believed to be those of hannah graham. hello everybody, i'm bruce johnson. thank you for joining us. we have team coverage of the hannah graham investigation. our debra alfarone and frank kratovil are both on the scene tonight. we begin with hank and what authorities are saying about the remains found yesterday. hank? >> reporter: well bruce, they are not saying much about the remains. what they are saying is coming through the woods and the areas in and around the property where the human remains were
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found, seeking more clues in that high-profile abduction case. the heavily wooded section covered by fall leaves. digging for more areas where the remains were found yesterday. 35 days after hannah disappeared. if they are grim and the park is in an area familiar to the man charged with their abduction, who lived nearby just a few miles from here. they were here as volunteers on the property that was unoccupied. describing the remains as a skeleton, but they have not been buried. >> my husband started smiling two days ago and saw vultures. >> reporter: this is also within five miles from where the other murder student was
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found dead four years ago. in a case linked to matthews. the family have been told about the discovery, but waiting for more conclusive results. and now the man charged in this case remains in jail until a court hearing on december 4. we should know -- note that he is only charged in that case. we're live, hank hank, wusa9. no word yet on when they would have more. but debra alfarone with that part of the case. >> reporter: and bruce, 35 days ago was the last time the witnesses saw her right here in that downtown mall area. he's now sitting in jail charged with their abduction. that's point a and b. ten miles away where those human remains that were thought to be in that missing uva student were found yesterday. so point a and point b and
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right now they are wondering what happened from here to there. it's the news so many thought they wanted, but never prepared fully to swallow. >> thousands of hours that have been spent by, literally hundreds of the law enforcement and the civilian volunteers. in an effort to find him. we thought perhaps today proved their worth. >> reporter: it is something inside that told them to look. a warning that the rest of the story could be considered graphic. they found a skull, scattered bones, no hair, no flesh. we asked an expert on their take as they spent 20 years as a medical examiner in new york and dc, identifying the body of san have lee i have. they open up the door that it could be someone else. police can't say with certainly right now that it is hannah.
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>> i'm highly concerned these may be the remains of a different person. in this kind of climate it takes at least six to nine months and longer for a body to skeletonize completely. >> reporter: of course, we don't know. what's next they will likely use the dental records to help i.d. that body in minutes or hours, taking days or weeks to get a match. all depending on what is available. >> i cannot tell you as a medical examiner that i have seen this happen that you're looking for one person that will be missing, presumed dead and you find somebody else. we were calling everyone, to just about everyone that have something to do with this search. the most important thing is getting that forensic investigation underway as we want to point out that it was
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found near those human remains. that's one point. but at this point we need to wait for the medical examiner to come back with live results. >> we will be in charlottesville at 11:00. be sure to join us then for the latest updates. stay with us for the latest on the hannah graham investigation. turning to other news. not nearly important when you put things in perspective here, but we have a change of the quarterbacks there. >> yes, the future for them, it's not bright, but i mean they were shaken as we have seen that the last coup of -- couple of weeks. remember week two. 250 yards, two touchdowns. and then they threw for 227 yards and many thought their days as the starter might be numbered. well, here i'm here to tell you that the bandwagon have no members for them now. and then he got yanked by that guy or for that guy right
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there. and his first possession, the beauty. with the yardage and the run after the catch. 70 yards. and we have some drama late in this thing, trailing mccoy going to the action jackson as he could not get that going. and he's being held, mugged. but it is a 22 yards. that's a little chippy there. they win for the first time since week two, 19-17. wow. now, our frank saw it with his own two eyes. it wasn't something pretty, but they will take it any way they can. >> yes, absolutely. very emotional. he's been waiting for a long time and it didn't hurt to take it to the house on their first throw in that second half.
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i think that he is done and this week they would go with mccoy. but the first thing is first afterwards, very pleased with his performance. >> i like jay a lot. when he told us to play, i didn't want to let him down. if he goes with you, you know, you go in there and turn that ball over, you know, that just doesn't look good. like i said this is huge for our team. there are so many good guys in this locker room that hopefully they would spur on the momentum for us to get on a roll here and get back in that hunt. >> reporter: and that is a great thing, dave, as they just said that and that's what the players are saying as we'll find out as we move forward. so a win in this league is a
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win. back to you. i'm not so sure about that. that was bad football out there, but we will take it any way they would get it. >> probably the start against the cowboys on monday night. >> right. playing pretty good football. no doubt about that. okay, he's heading back home. >> thank you, i appreciate it. just ahead, more endorsements for the two major candidates. we're back in a moment. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. out here on the weather terrace we're getting chillier. you might want to put that jacket on the next time we head outdoors. we have a frost advisory in effect tonight. that'll be for the west areas of our region, the west of the blue ridge region. so it is not for the immediate metro area, but there you can see it, the freeze advisory
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that will be to west of that, so up in the mountains of west virginia. overnight tonight, how cold will it get? all the way down to 44 in the outlining suburbs. the breezes have settled down and rain is on the way. more on that coming
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have you seen the news about barbara comstock? first, the washington post reported, barbara comstock failed to report eighty-five thousand in income. now, we learn, barbara comstock pushed a client's issues in the virginia legislature and didn't disclose it. barbara comstock shepherded a trio of bills through the legislature and into law, but barbara comstock never officially disclosed that all the while she was being paid thousands of dollars. no wonder she hid it.
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anthony brown got some big
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campaign help today to encourage early boating -- voting. >> it is an opportunity for every american and that is what it is all about, what they understand. >> reporter: his opponent did not have a public campaign scheduled for today. however the republican businessman did receive an endorsement from the annapolis- based gazette newspapers. stay with us. when we come back, showers are on the way for mo
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so we might as well report to work with a great attitude this week. especially towards the middle of the workweek. the rain arrives on monday
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night as we'll start off with a view of the kennedy center. the winds are starting to lessen up a little bit. we're doing okay out there. they will continue to diminish as we head in to the overnight hours with that low dew point, we'll have a cold night with the temperatures dipping into the 30s in the outlining suburbs. milder weather arrives on monday, but more clouds but that is just the beginning. so we have dropped from the highs right around 60 for most all the way down to 54 in leesburg. 54 in culpeper and in fredericksburg. that clear sky and the diminishing winds that will be
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allowing the temperatures to fall off with all the sunshine during the day. but now without anything to insulate us from dropping that all the heat escapes from the atmosphere very quickly. with the next storm system, you can see the cloud cover, not a lot of showers, but that will change towards the middle of the workweek. hey, the breezes have diminished. light and variable by the time you're stepping out the door on monday morning. these are your peak wind gusts. that's not indicative on how the wind speed is going to be, but even lighter than that. but heading into the afternoon the winds will be southerly, directing in that milder air as it looks like we're going to see some milder temperatures on monday afternoon. back into the 60s if you didn't reach that today. but you can also see how clear it will be until we get to the early morning hours, then just a few of those thin high clouds. in the afternoon, they would start to build in, but the showers will not move in until that night and the showers will be west of the blue ridge and west of i-81 before sunset, moving in to the metro area.
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11:00 on monday night with some showers falling. tuesday morning, we have more showers arriving, just very light scattered stuff on tuesday though. we don't have the heavier stuff until we get into wednesday and thursday. but overnight tonight, still completely clear. less breezy, allowing us to drop to 34 in the suburbs and downtown. as we head in to monday morning, we'll quickly get milder with the winds out of the south at 5 to 10 miles per hour. in the afternoon, 60 to 65 degrees, enjoy tomorrow while you can, partly cloudy. you may want lunch outdoors or at least step outside for lunch. on tuesday light scattered showers. you'll need the umbrella. and then wednesday is a yellow alert day with the wind moving back in along with those scattered rain showers. thursday is pretty much a repeat performance of wednesday in the first alert seven-day forecast. scattered rain showers and windy conditions. we're talking somewhere in the 30 to 35 miles an hour range b that's nowhere near as bad as
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it will be -- range, but that's nowhere near as bad as it will be in the new england area with this nor'easter. >> is kurt cousins finished with his team? >> the starters, yeah. erica is right. she should be doing the analysis. >> yeah, i think he is finished. the wheels came off today. his era has seemed to have come to a screeching halt. mccoy to the rescue. always is right in the world as we have live reports from both fedex
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it was deemed a must win. not because they are going anywhere, but psychologically they are not. but a loss to the titans who are awful would signal the foundation that their house is really weak. we will get to the video. throwing another pick today,
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losing a fumble, so he got yanked. where is he throwing this football? his 9th pick of the season with the 11th turnover, the most by the nfl. the first possession making a great catch, the safety takes an awful angle. to calm him down, who gets mugged. so they would set up the game winner. boy they got that win. all right, we will head back out to fedex field. i see they turned the lights back on for you. >> yeah. .0 >> you're a good luck charm. >> reporter: they snapped a four-game skid, working every
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time. the post-game reaction and their see of relief against the redskins locker room. >> i don't know what the problems are right now, just a bad throw and a bad situation. you know f he struggled in the first half to turn that ball over. >> my responsibility in this team is to always be ready to play and it goes unnoticed a lot. every week i feel like i'm prepared to play even though i don't get many rest -- reps. >> reporter: he did not commit to a starter in dallas, but you've got to think it would be mccoy's show monday night at big d. back to you. >> good work out there today. from washington to baltimore as usual, a lot of dramatics surrounding washington's quarterback situation. no such quarterback drama. 35 miles up the road.
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joe flak koa walking out today as he is just cool as a cucumber right there -- flak koa -- flacco walking out day as he was just cool as a cucumber right there. making a great catch. ravens win 29-7. all right, so that's the baltimore story. we'll get you back to baltimore. kristen berset, k.b. the ravens without a lot of fanfare as they continue to roll along. >> reporter: absolutely, dave, yeah. the offense would put up another solid game tonight, continuing their dominance of the nfc opponents. but the center stage, they would go to the defense, adding five more sacks. as they would keep saying over and over, they're only getting started. >> and they would just show you what they could do.
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you know, that it was on film and they are showing you how the defense could control e game and that'll be the standard for now. >> it's a momentum that they'll be getting for the last couple of weeks with a big groove and a lot of work to do. >> to help them keep back for the backing, to knock a few balls. but the sky is the limit, man. the victory moves them to 5- 2. on top of the division, coming as a great time heading back out on -- back out on the road and then pittsburgh is looking for a season sweep. that'll do it for us here in baltimore, i'm kristen berset, back to you. >> great work out there by you today. all right guys, so great stuff from baltimore this afternoon. cincy coming up, that'll be big and of course washington is getting the game. >> yeah. >> and well initially, but now, you know, that's when people really didn't know what his deal was. and now that the covers have been thrown back a little bit, you can see what he is doing,
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he's struggling. >> i believed in him earlier in the season. >> i think we were hoping. >> yeah, that's true. a little bit of the optimism when that's the team you're rooting for. what is it looking like? >> the cloud cover will increase as we head through monday. but overnight with clear skies and calm winds. boy, it'll be chilly out there and a freeze advisory is in effect west of the flu ridge. frost advisory. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you back here at 11:00. hey! welcome home! hey mom! woah, this kitchen looks beautiful. it's bigger! it's great, right? give him the tour. let me show you! quartz countertop, soft-close drawers,
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farm sink, under cabinet lighting, look at this spice rack. um... where's my room? right there where it's always been! we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. just slide right in! ranked highest in customer satisfaction. ikea kitchens.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> anything you can say, barbara? >> cooper: barbara mancini was charged with helping her 93- year-old terminally ill father kill himself. she says he couldn't have been clearer about how he wanted his life to end. he asked me to hand him the bottle and i did. i had the dosing syringe in my hand. he took the cap off and he drank what was remaining in the bottle. >> cooper: could you have stopped him? >> i could have, i think. i mean, he did it pretty quickly. but no, i didn't try to stop him. >> cooper: should terminally ill people be able to end their own lives? that's our story tonight. >> simon: it all started here in the yukon, and now there's a new gold rush going on that may be worth billions. ( dog barking )


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